Police denies Kim Yuri Death Suicide

Supermodel of South Korea, Kim Yuri reportedly died from drinking poison. Now the police denied the news. Yuri's death was not suicide.
Gangnam Police have announced the results of an autopsy corpse Yuri. 22-year-old woman who died on April 19, yesterday was not poisoned. Yuri's death due to weight and height are not appropriate. Yuri too thin. When he died Yuri has 177 height and weight only 47 pounds.
Fluids and food debris remaining in the stomach Kim Yuri did not show any foreign body like poison. There are no signs that Yuri eats little or suffering from anorexia.
Yuri's parents had died. In the eyes of his uncle, Yuri is a cheerful and jovial person.
When police searched the residence of Yuri, a sedative was found in his room. When investigators examine Yuri health insurance documents, found in the fact that beautiful women have used prescription sedatives and anti-depressant. Investigators will conduct tests of other drugs to strengthen the results of tests they've got.


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