Charlie Chaplin and Google

Today is a new birth of Charlie Chaplin is celebrated on 16 April. But Google has started the celebration by presenting a video tribute to British comic actor.

The man named Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a famous actor in the silent film era and became famous movie star before the end of the first world war. He relies on expression and movement to create a comedy and convey the message. His role is still favored despite having entered the era of sound film.

With the capital stick, hat, and a mustache typical Nazi leader, Hitler, Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889 a success for both film and book. Even in 1999, The American Life Institute include Chaplin in the list of 10 Great Movie Actors of All Time.

This year is the anniversary of Chaplin 122th if he is still alive. Unfortunately he had died on December 25, 1977, or when he was 88 years old.

Video duration of almost 5 minutes it shows the figure of Chaplin, played by others, are in two sets at once, ie set of painting and a garden room where there was a woman selling cupcakes. Remarkably, in each set Google logo is always decorate. Even the early videos also featuring Chaplin Google is reading the newspaper. Do not miss the typical songs that accompany and video notification, indicating the relationship with YouTube.

After the video is completed, Google takes the visitor directly to the search results that contain all the things about Charlie Chaplin.


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