Kate Middleton Name Blocked by Facebook

Having the same name with a famous person is not prohibited. but on facebook, having the same name with a famous person would be prohibited. What cause?

Facebook has decided to block any Facebook users who use the name of a famous person, including the name of Kate Middleton. This policy is to prevent the act of the people who create fake accounts and ensure that the candidate of the original British royal princess 'safe' on facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg's site was even impose automatic rejection for each new account with the name of Kate Middleton.

But the thing is, there are many women whose real name is Kate Middleton. Cash only facebook policy has led to the disappointment of women who have the same name.

All the women named Kate Middleton admitted difficult to access their Facebook accounts. Among those affected was the Kate Middleton of Kent, England and Sydney, Australia.

Both claimed their accounts disabled by the security system up and suspected false accounts. It takes several conditions to convince the manager up that they did not commit fraud.

Responding to this, facebook acknowledged the possibility of some mistakes that are difficult to avoid in enforcing this policy.

Source : detikinet.com


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