Andai Aku Gayus Tambunan Lyric

Suddenly the name of Bona Paputungan (32) became famous in Indonesia. In fact, the video clip song sung by a former inmate at the Correctional Institution Class II A city of Gorontalo, many hunted cyberspace surfers.
The song "Andai Aku Gayus Tambunan" is what makes his name became famous. Video clip four minutes 47 seconds duration was first uploaded to the virtual world on 14 January. Now, the song has been widely spread through cell phones. In fact, there is also proud to use the song as a ringtone on his mobile.
Video uploaded on YouTobe is indeed quite intriguing. In essence, Bona tells his story while sitting in the cell since March 11, 2010. He hinted that received preferential treatment tax mafia defendant, Gayus Tambunan, when a period of detention. Gayus could easily cruise to Bali, even abroad.
As for other inmates who caught the case of much lighter and not from among officials or conglomerate, 'comfortable life' in prison is impossible. Bona said, the song was created while still languishing in jail, because the exposed cases of domestic violence (domestic violence).
He then released conditionally on October 7, 2010.Bona actually only released on January 5, 2011, but the correctional institution to give relief, and then released me on October 7, 2010
Once that's out of jail, he then made a video clip of this unique. His songs were also being warmly discussed through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The user account of this friendship networks pulled busy share "Andai Aku Gayus Tambunan"

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